Alela Enterprises Ltd was founded in 2004 as a continuation of a well-established practice in the production of colloidal silver. Lead by a young team with enthusiasm and desire to explore new things. We follow new technologies and trends and try to use this in everyday life for the better and easier life.

At Alela Enterprises Ltd., we are aware that the market lacks quality products, so we started to produce the highest quality colloidal silver under the brand name SILVERLAB. Made from our own distilled water and to that of electrolytic silver purity 99.9999% done in solution 20-35 ppm.


The novelty in the products of our brand is Gel SilverLAB. Gel stays on the skin for a much longer time than Colloidal Silver liquid and is therefore much more effective. It is transparent, completely odourless and does not stain. Upon drying it leaves a  protective coating. Anything liquid SilverLAB Colloidal Silver can do internally, SilverLAB gel can do externally (burns, skin abrasions, bites, tinea, warts, acne, pimples, yeast infections, rashes...) SilverLAB gel is made of the SilverLAB colloidal silver strength of 30-35 ppm by addition of vegetable glycerin, which allows better absorption of Colloidal Silver.


Due to the demand for colloidal silver of lower intensity we also added new products with 20-22 ppm.


Alela Enterprises Limited

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